Holy Trinity Church at Gran Canaria

Church of England


About Holy Trinity Parish

Known as the British Church, Holy Trinity Anglican parish was inaugurated in 1892.   It was the first masonry building in the area and played a vital role in the British history of Las Palmas.  Today it is the oldest building in Las Palmas’s Ciudad Jardin (Garden City) and is registered as one of the city’s nine Cultural and Historical Monuments.

Architect Norman Wright designed the church in a British style and used local materials for its construction.  

Almost as acclaimed as the building at that time, were the church gardens, abundant with local flora- such an attraction in fact that the church wall and wrought iron fence had to be added to stop children picking all the flowers.  In 2016, the parish is planning a renovation of these gardens to bring them back to their former glory.

The church’s stained glass memorial windows are some of the finest on the island and represent, at the West end  Christ’s Ascension, at the East end, Christ the Good Shepherd, with other windows showing Christ the Light of the World, Christ’s Presentation in the Temple, the Virgin and Child, and St Cecilia, the patron saint of music.

The British Cemetery as it is known, is also part of the parish.  In this sacred, walled burial ground in the San José neighbourhood of Las Palmas, traders, sea-farers and missionaries among others have been laid to rest since 1835.  The cemetery is still in use, but its archives are increasingly sought after by historians and students interested in Gran Canaria’s ties with Britain and the rest of the world.

Holy Trinity is a member of the Federation of Religious Entities (FEREDE) under Spanish Law.  

Holy Trinity Congregation

The Holy Trinity congregation is impressively international with members coming from Anglophone African countries, Asia, Ireland and Britain.  That said, the residents and regular church goers currently number just over 20.  Numbers increase to 30 or 40 during the winter months as our regular visitors escape the rain and cold of northern Europe, and specifically Britain. We welcome members of all forms of the Christian faith.

It might be a small congregation, but it is a warm and welcoming group.  For those who have recently moved to the island, it provides a great place to meet people, pick up local information and support to help you and your family settle in to island life.

Church Council

Holy Trinity is run by a group of volunteers.  The governing body is the Church Council whose members are:  


Canon Brian Stares

Church Secretary:

Patsy Parry

Church Vice President:

Betty Burgess

Church Wardens:  

Mike Gallagher, Caroline Sourt

Financial and Safety Officer:  

Miguel de Luis

Council Elections

We are currently looking for nominations to the various council posts from those on our electoral roll (Gran Canaria residents as well as regular church goers) and will be voting on these positions at our Annual General Meeting.  If you would like to get involved with our leadership group, please come along.

Our next Annual General Meeting will be held on February 28th at midday in the church when the council will be elected for the next 12 month period.