Holy Trinity Church at Gran Canaria

Church of England


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The Church’s congregation and a host of volunteers work throughout the year to bring the Christian spirit to our local community.  Here are some of our activities:

Food Bank

Each Monday Holy Trinity becomes a Food Bank for those who have been worst affected by the economic crisis which hit the Canary Islands particularly badly.  According to 2015 figures from the Spanish National Statistics Institute, the Canary Islands have the second highest unemployment rate in Europe.

Home Visits

Many of the British community living in Gran Canaria are retired and elderly.  Through coming to church services or our events over the years, they have become dear friends.  Often far from their families, we set up regular visits to those who can no longer leave their homes or are in hospital so they are not alone.

Shelters for the homeless

Our congregation regularly provides ‘in kind’ donations to homeless shelters run by CAIPSHO in the south of the island.  This is in the form of basic toiletries such as soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste and shampoo – all little items we take for granted but that make a big difference for the dignity, well-being and hygiene of those trying to get off the streets.[/one_third]

Wheelchair purchases

We collect plastic bottle tops for the SEUR Foundation who give 300€ per ton for buying wheelchairs and donating to social projects.

Soldiers past and present

Every year during the month of November, we sell poppies to raise funds for the Royal British Legion, a charity that takes care of soldiers and their families who are in need of extra assistance as a result of the tremendous sacrifices that they have made in defending our freedom and culture.

Local Children’s charities:

Aldeas Infantiles and Pequeños Valientes for children with Cancer

In addition to a percentage of money brought in by the church through its fundraising events, we have a donations box during our Spring Fair and Christmas Bazaar.  Visitors are asked to donate their spare change (or bills!) for these centres that provide essential care and support for, respectively, underprivileged children and those battling cancer.

Medicos sin Fronteras

Doctors without Borders provides extraordinary medical help around the world to places where others simply cannot or would not go.

Every little helps….

If you would like to contribute your time, ‘gifts in kind’ or money to any of these causes, please get in touch with our Council Vice President Betty Burgess.  All your help is hugely appreciated.